We have carefully selected our top choice of ANZAC books for children from very young to 18 years. This year we have included some exceptional brand new release books:

  • "Those Girls' By award winning author Pamela Rushby, explores the roles and struggles for women during WWII. A great fictional read for young adults.
  • "Pidge's Poppies" by Jan Andrews is based on a true story about a pair of pigeons at the Australian War Memorial. It remembers the vital role pigeons played in both world wars, their heroism and their sacrifice. Perfect for small children aged 5 year +
  • "Deadly Waters' by Helen Chapman. Cliff dreams that one day he will play cricket for Australia, but when war comes he changes cricket whites for a navy uniform. An action packed historical adventure on the seas! Ideal for middle to upper primary ages 9-12 years.
  • "Escape from Stalingrad" by Andy Marino. Artem and Yuna live in Stalingrad during WWII. The Nazis are marching into the city, air raids reduce most of the city to rubble. With Stalingrad blockaded by both the Germans and their own government, escape from the coming battle seems all but impossible ....Suitable for 8-12 years
  • "The Dressmaker's Daughter' by Edith "Ditta" Lowy. A true story of a mother and daughter during WWII, taken by armed guards at gunpoint to Stutthof and forced to work on a farm as slave labour. Her Mother's skills as a dressmaker may save them. Can they work together?? For ages 10-12 years.
  • "Heroes" by Alan Gratz. Frank and Stanley are stationed with their fathers at Pearl Harbour duirng WWII when the Japanese start dropping bombs. Stanley's mother is Japanese-American and he is suddenly facing a terrible prejudice that he's never known before – he's now seen as the "enemy," and Frank, who's white, cannot begin to understand what Stanley will now face. Aged 8-12 years.

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