Please find detailed below our terms and conditions.

My Account: Why do I need to create an account? Most of the communication you will receive from us regarding your order is via our custom built Message Centre accessible from within your Schoolworks Supplies Account. The Schoolworks Supplies account you create will also provide you with access to all of following information: Personal Account Information Order Status and History Providing a day-time telephone number as part of your personal information allows us to quickly contact you regarding your order if required.

Returns Policy

Returns Policy

We understand that from time-to-time you may need to return an item to us.

Before returning any items please contact us to discuss your reason for requiring a return and organise an approval to return an item.

Before contacting us regarding a return please understand the following terms of business:

  1. Schoolworks Supplies will not pay for postage if you are returning an item because you have changed your mind, or made a mistake in your ordering.
  2. If you have changed your mind, or made a mistake, we require notification within 2 business days of the recorded delivery date.
  3. If you received a faulty or damaged item, we require notification within 2 business days of the recorded delivery date.
  4. If the item you received is not what you ordered, we require notification within 5 business days of the recorded delivery date

How to Return an Item

Before returning any items please contact us to discuss your reason for requiring a return and organise an approval. 

If you are returning an item for a store credit you will require enough packaging and protection e.g. bubble-wrap and cardboard to ensure that contents do not slide around and cause damage or any further damage particularly if this is the reason for the return.

We suggest you keep your packaging until you have made contact with us.  We encourage you to re-use the packaging that we have used to send the item. If you feel that the packaging cannot be reused for whatever reason you will need to provide your own secure and sturdy packaging.

An item being returned must include a note with your Order number and specify the reason for the return, plus detailed information if the return is due to a fault.

Can I place my order and pay over the telephone or at your office?Yes, we can assist you to place an order and pay over the phone. Orders may be placed by phone, fax, in person or by mail order.If you simply wish to pay for an order you have submitted via the website using the non-immediate payment option, please contact us with your credit details and have your order number ready.

Once I have placed my order, can I change it? Please contact us asap on (03) 5152 4086 or email books@schoolworkssupplies.com.au with your amendments.


All prices are listed in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST

All orders are subject to price and availability confirmation. If we cannot supply the product for the originally advertised price then we will do one of two things.

If the increase in price is marginal then we will absorb the increase and proceed with the order and adjust the price on the website after processing your order

If the price is significantly more then we will not proceed until we have consulted with you. The customer will not be charged for that item until we has been given confirmation to proceed with the new price. You have 48 hours to respond to the options given to you. If you respond after this time frame, you mayl be asked to place a new order through the website. If there are other titles on the order that are readily available then they will be automatically ordered, regardless of what percentage of the order they make up.

Schoolworks Supplies are not obligated to sell a title at the listed price if we are not able to source it from our supplier at the time of ordering as prices may have changed in the interim. In all instances you will be contacted if there is a change of price and we will endeavour to find an alternative edition for the same price or discuss the possibility of purchasing the same title at the new price.

We reserve the right to correct any printing errors.

The images on our website are intended as a guide only. As we may not keep every title in stock on site we are unable to guarantee the cover image that arrives from the supplier, will be that listed on the site. Publishers can have various cover designs for one ISBN so images can change without notification.



Contact Us

  • Address: 147 Macleod St, Bairnsdale, VIC 3875
  • Phone: (03) 5152 4086
  • Website: http://www.schoolworkssupplies.com.au
  • Email: charlotte@schoolworkssupplies.com.au

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