Primary Physics -The principles behind Leonardo's science

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ISBN: 9780958670111

Published: Jan 2007 (3rd Printing 2011)

Author: Marti Ellen

In order to appreciate the genius of Leonardo’s science, it is important to study the “building blocks” which he used to come up with his extraordinary ideas. Leonardo made extensive studies of the components that make up machines. He did this in order to understand the principles by which they worked. His interest was beyond the particular machine which did this or that function. His focus was on understanding what he called “the elements of machines”. Today we call these elements “simple machines”.

Doing the lessons in this book will give you a hands-on understanding of these physics principles. Step by step, you will recognize what Leonardo did and why. At the end of the book, you can make working models of some of Leonardo’s machines. And you will discover that the everyday events of our lives are operating under the laws of physics.


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